About Us 

I Got Ur .com is a seller of Premium Domain Names.  We only list High Value, Quality Domains that are Brandable, Memorable and have Marketability.  We want your domain to be something your customers will remember.  As more people use the Internet to market their businesses, your Domain Name, which is your Internet Property, becomes more and more important.  You need a name that people will notice, one that will set you apart from your competition.   A good Domain Name is something that is descriptive, creates a brand image and will get people to visit and remember your site!  This is what makes a Domain Name increase in value.  We do not want to have tons of useless sites listed, we just want to have the Best Premium Domain Names available for you and your business!

Our portfolio of domain names is constantly changing.  Please visit us again soon if we do not currently have the perfect domain name for your business available.

I Got Ur .com  is owned by System Resources, a Global Internet Operating and Development Company, designing technologies for E-business, E-commerce, Interactive Marketing, Advertising, Internet Professional Services and Portals.